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Non-Emergency Transportation

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Our Priority

Priority 1 Medical Transportation is a locally owned transportation company, which is focused toward providing Quality non-emergency transportation service to all customers. We will provide transportation to all elderly patients, with a special emphasis on accommodating those in special need of a wheelchair, stretcher, or any other non-emergent situation.

Our Mission

Priority 1 is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, dependable and safe transportation services, we strive to give each customer the dedication and excellent customer service they deserve. Our focus is on providing compassionate, safe and efficient non-emergent transportation for a person with transportation or who have mobility challenges. We value each one of our customers as a Priority 1family member.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to provide safe, compassionate, reliable transportation for you or a loved one, with clean comfortable company vehicles that are in tip top mechanical shape, driven by professional, friendly drivers to insure your door to door safety.

You'll never miss another important appointment again.

Our Services

• Doctor's Appointments

• Non-Emergency Hospital Visits

• Hospital Discharge

• Physical Therapy and Stroke Rehabilitation appts

• Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation appts

• Dental Appointments

• Long Distance Trips

• Clinics

• Dialysis

• Rehab Centers

• Hospice

• Skilled Nursing Facilities

• Assisted Living Facilities

• Surgery Centers

• Eye Doctor appts

• Dermatology appts

• Outpatient Services

• Group transportations
  (Coming soon)